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Abroad grew up Dutch aerospace engineer known for his originality in designing unusual-looking works.

 The design style within the industrial / retro-futuristic. The forms that are used include to be found within the aviation and aerospace engineering from the old days and today. .


 "There must be at least one thing in your home that is truly unique, beautiful, suits all styles and is functional."


Industrial, classic, country and other styles .  . 

For the products most of the parts are made by hand, in addition, the use of original antique machinery. Materials used are: bronze, brass metal, wood (walnut, oak and sustainable tropical timber) in combination with materials such as papyrus, parchment, and glass. The dark patina ensures a quiet and exclusive look.

Our designs have a special appearance in your home or business and suit any interior form from classical to modern. Materials are picked by us and come from various countries.


Afbeelding invoegenAfbeelding invoegen  
Afbeelding invoegen

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